The Valiant Fan Club: ONLINE ARCHIVE

Back in the olden days... way, WAY back in 1994, I started The Valiant Fan Club. A few months after that, I launched The Valiant Fan Club newsletter, a monthly printed newsletter I mailed to Valiant fans every month. This was after I got E-Mail, but sheesh- before the internet was accessable to the public! I would hit the then-plentiful Valiant chat boards, give my opinions and get people on the mailing list.

The VFC newsletter was two pieces of paper folded in half, making 8 half pages, xeroxed at work when no one was looking, then put in these things they used to have called MAILBOXES.

The VFC ran 20 issues with over 200 subscribers until the end of VH1 Valiant, at which point I started "The Valiant Preservation Society", which was around for a year or so until Acclaim got their act together. There are still some VPS pages online somewhere, I get a few E-Mails from those pages and always redirect them to this site. I think the VPS put out one or two newsletters.

When Acclaim got their act together, I started Acclaim Ink., which covered Acclaim Comics. That ran about 6 newsletters until the internet was readily available, then I had a couple of "dual release newsletters" both online and in physical form, then I went wholly digital.

When VH2 folded, so did Acclaim Ink.. THEN (sheesh!) the VALIANT Era Online was born, which lives on to this day. The idea of the VEO was to take the then-surviving 6 or so Valiant sites, all of us were clamoring for attention, and convert them ALL into one MASSIVE website run by all 6 of us. Good idea and everyone was gungo-ho to make it happen, but it never happened, and I ended up doing it alone and it grew to what it is today.

So here is some a Valiant newsletter that predates not only anything I have online, but every other Valiant site out there as well.

PS- Adding up all my newsletters and E-zines over the years, I have put out more releases than the longest running Valiant series X-O Manowar, which was 68 issues.

Check them out:

The Valiant Fan Club: ISSUE #3, June 1995

Joe Petrilak's VALIANT Era Online has been archived in the original format (when possible), by VALIANT Revisited (,
with Joe's permission. The purpose is to keep an archive of Joe's VALIANT work available online for many years to come.