Who are we?

The Valiant Preservation Society (VPS) is the last front for the Original Valiant Universe. That is our purpose: keeping its memory alive. It is also a meeting place for VH-1 (Valiant Heroes Universe #1) fans, writers and collectors. AND this is the repository of the largest personal collection of Original Valiant art in the world.

We encourage everyone to write us an article on a great VH-1 book, crossover or event, as listed below.

Welcome! You just found a great place to arrive on the internet! This is your club. There is no secret handshake or decoder ring here, just great stories. And you don't have to know a single thing about Valiant to enjoy these stories!

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Some of these stories may be large, some may be downright huge. Please allow the computer to load the stories- the bigger it is the better it is! So be paitent for a minute!

Top 50 Lists: The Starting Point
INTRO: Valiant: The Rise and Fall of an Empire   By Michael Kaluta       

Solar #46-49: Solar: Brave New World Written by Joe Petrilak  

Decent To Darqueness/Accent to Shadows   By Eric Kent

Rai: Rai-sing Love Written   Written by Eric L. Kent          

X-O Manowar Yearbook #1:  X-O Manowar vs. Gilad...?  Written by Joe Petrilak

The Object In Hand...A Small Victory  Written By Joe Petrilak


 Some Outstanding Valiant Comics... In Detail
Rai #0 Harbinger #1
Eternal Warrior #1 Archer & Armstrong #0
X-O Manowar #9 Archer & Armstrong #10
X-O Manowar #10 Hardcorps #5
X-O Yearbook #1 Destroyer #0
Visitor #13 Archer & Armstrong #8

Know an Outstanding Valiant Comic you want covered? Let Us Know!

Joe Petrilak's VALIANT Era Online has been archived in the original format (when possible), by VALIANT Revisited (VALIANTComics.com),
with Joe's permission. The purpose is to keep an archive of Joe's VALIANT work available online for many years to come.