Cancelled - the Valiant that never was

In the course of the 10 years of Valiant/Acclaim Comics there were from time to time books that were solicited but later cancelled. This is a list of these books with cover image and story description where available.

All story descriptions are taken from the Previews catalogue. Most of the images as well. The rest is taken from ADVANCE COMICS catalogue.

VH-1 titles

by Sanchez, Delbo, & Rodriguez
A new villain, Linhoff, has kidnapped Dr. Zhan, inventor of the Armorines, and is planning to use torture to extract all his secrets. The Armorines go to Hawaii to rescue Zhan, but meet with a big problem: They were testing Zhan's latest invention, an experimental booster pack, and it's simply not working. Instead, the experimental package has become a ticking nuclear warhead strapped to Sirot's back. If they don't rescue Zhan quickly enough, it might mean the end of the Armorines and one of the Hawaiian islands!
FC $2.95

scheduled for 02/1995

This hardcover volume collects all of Bart's work on X-O Manowar to date, including covers, sketches, and lots of other truly neat stuff! Bart's work on both the onpoing X-O Manowar series and a special 16-page X-O promotional comic are included in this collection. This, Valiant's second hardcover, will be manufactured with the same high production values and loving attention shown the now out-of-print Solar, Man of the Atom: Alpha & Omega by Barry Windsor-Smith. Quantities are limited. No reorders will be available on this item.
HC $17.95

scheduled for 04/1995

by Mike Grell & Tommy Lee Edwards
Bloodshot is injured while investigating an illegal weapons scam in South America. Taken in by a group of religious vIllagers, Bloodshot becomes the protector and "a miracle" to the awestruck people. Even though his duties in the "real world" call, Bloodshot sees that these people are in immediate need of assistance. An exciting turning point in the saga of Bloodshot!
FC $2.95

scheduled for 04/1995

by Shooter, Jackson, Lapham, Mayo, J. Dixon, Fontenot, et al.
There's plenty of action inside as Harada and Sting battle for supremacy in this trade paperback edition reprinting Harbinger #6-7 & 10-11! Also included is the death of Torque, the first appearance of the H.A.R.D. Corps, romance, adventure, and a flying convertible!
SC, 7xlO, FC $9.95

scheduled for 02/1995

by Jorge González & Mozart Cuoto
A flood of diamonds into the world market threatens the global economy and the world market teeters on the brink of destruction. Ninjak follows the diamonds to a massive smuggling operation in Africa, where he finds that profits are only the means to horrifying end!
FC $2.50

scheduled for 08/1995

by Jorge González & Mozart Cuoto
Ninjak and Sister Gabriela follow a trail of rumor from diamond smugglers to an international famine relief project. There lurks a deadly secret that threatens to divide Ninjak and Gabriela—or destroy them!
FC $2.50

scheduled for 08/1995

by Keith Giffen, w/Claude St. Aubain
Keith Giffen produces the strangest Valiant story ever! In the town of Acclamation, Oregon, nothing is as it seems. Join the PunX crew as they stumble through the Valiant Universe, leaving a wake of chaos, property destruction, and offended readers! This issue: It's the fourth issue of PunX, and Giffen's promised us that somehow all of the disparate elements he introduced into what he laughingly calls a plot line will come together in a conclusion of cataclysmic proportions. He's told us that before, so don't hold your breath. You bought the first three—why not go for the full set?
FC, 32pg (4 of 4) $2.50

scheduled for 10/1995

By Keith Giffen
HE"S BAAA-AA-CKK! And this time, he's taking no prisoners. Keith Giffen is launching into his second PunX series and he's changing the whole book around with entirely new characters, as weIl as some different old Valiant characters we had lying around. Quote Keith, "The damn book didn't seIl Ihe first time around, so the guys at Acclaim don't care what or who I screw with next. Jurgens, your backside is mine!". PunX is the hot topic on all the webnets, and since trying to obtain back issues of the first series is like trying to find hen's teeth, be sure to reserve this latest issue with your comics supplier and find out what all the electronic buzz is about. Again, quote Keith," Buy this book, or I'm liabIe to make fun of you behind your back in the next issue".
FC, 32 pg (1 of 4) $2.50

scheduled for 03/1996

By Keith Giffen
So what am I gonna say about this issue that hasn't aIready been said before? Not much, because that damn Giffen hasn't submitted any scripts, springboards, ideas for plots, nothing on this new miniseries. Nothing. Nada. Zip. And every time I call him up he says in that wild, pumped-up hysterical manner that he has (that drives me up a friggin' wall)... "Hey, this series will be the best PunX stuff yet. It'll have major Valiant superheroes in it that I'll trash beyond recognition. I'll make more fun of Massarsky, Layton and that whole group of cretins that run Acclaim, and l'll include more brand new characters, as outrageous as Wrecking Balls, in every issue. Besides, what do you care about this stuff anyways? Nobody orders enough copies of this book no matter what you say. The fans are still going to have to look long and hard for copies, and even though you're writing this in January, nobody at Acclaim will read this until the beginning of February. You got a whole month to find a new job, and I got three months before I have to start turning in pages! So quit worrying, will ya!" I could strangle him when he does this!!...and I swear, one of these days I will (when I have more time on my hands... probably in February...)
FC, 32 pg (2 of 4) $2.50

scheduled for 04/1996

By Keith Giffen & Ken Martinez
This issue Keith Giffen presents another spine-tingling episode of his latest, greatest PunX saga ever! Now with that sald, all those comic pukes with a reading level below the third grade will be incapable of reading this solicitation copy any further; so the rest of you, listen up! Buy this friggin' book! You think I like to go through this every month, typing up silly, stupid copy, staring at my computer screen and making up cool things to say about a book that Giffen hasn't even started to put together yet? You all know whatever he does will be dog-butt funny and intelligently nasty. All those geeks you see hanging out at the comic stores (that make you relieved that you're not like them) will never get the jokes 'cause Giffen's humor goes right over their friggin' heads. Besides, if I didn't have to write this stupid crap, I could be playing Crystal Quest or Seven Card Stud on my Mac right now, and everybody who wanders into my office will think l'm hard at work putting the solicitation information together for Diamond Previews. Also, if this book doesn't start selling soon, they're going to put me out to pasture and I'll be joining the ever-burgeoning ranks of the unempioyed, comic-industry professionals. I'll be right along-side all the rest of the lald-off or fired marketing screw-offs that have made this industry the shambles that it is. So, save a this book!
FC, 32 pg (3 of 4) $2.50

scheduled for 05/1996

By Keith Giffen, Ken Martinez & Anibal Rodriguez
So here it is, the last solicitation copy for this mini-series. Before we go, I'd like to thank the people that made this part of the catalog so incredibly fun and enjoyable over the last four months and hope you'll give them a big round of applause for the very fine work they've done to keep you entertained, amused and interested in purchasing copies of this publication... ME! That's right. Me. It sure wasn't that friggin' Giffen, now, was it? You think he gIves a good flying fart about wether or not you read this body copy? You bet your sweet tuchis he doesn't. But just wait 'til he gets the sales report on these issues and he sees all the royalties he wont make, THEN we'll hear from him. And speaking of royalties, why is it we copy writers don't get a royalty for helping to sell books, huh? I bet Todd McFarlane kicks back a little extra to Beau Smith when Beau's busted his hump to write about a couple issues of Spawn that don't even exist yet in Todd's toy-addled brain. C'mon Giffen, fork over some of those big bucks you're raking in, you Has-Been. Hell, I dont even get a phone call thanking me for making him sound like he works for a living. Oh, Giffen'll be singing a different tune alright when his kids come walking down to the breakfast table with the latest copy of Previews and tell him "Whattsa matter, Dad, why wasn't YOUR solicitation copy this month as cool as Jim Lee and Scott Campbell's is for Gen-13 ?". l hope he chokes on his Metamucil, the old fart.
FC, 32 pg (4 of 4) $2.50

scheduled for 06/1996

by Willey & Perham, & Ken Branch
Walt Willey, star of ABC's All My Children, returns to the pages of Dr. Mirage this month! Walt, Dr. Mirage, and Carmen Mirage investigate paranormal goings-on near Walt's New Mexico ranch. Walt is co-plotting this issue to make sure that it shows as much of his "real life" as possible. Walt got lots of press attention with his last appearance in Dr. Mirage; the story was picked up by ABC, TV Guide, The New York Post, and various soap opera magazines. This appearance should be no different!
FC $2.50

scheduled for 02/1995

by Jollie, Ross, & Ramos
FIREFALL: Part 1 (of 2)—Spymaster Neville Alcott is threatened by the mysterious organisation known as The Gestalt. The Gestalt attacks Alcott, using the fire-wielding Harbinger called Pyroclast. The art by Valiant newcomer Luke Ross looks fantastic.
FC $2.25

scheduled for 02/1995

by Jollie, L. Ross, & Ramos
FIREFALL: Part 2 (of 2)—The Secret Weapons counterattack in an effort to take the heat off Neville Alcott. Tank and Pyroclast enter a confrontation that Tank would prefer to avoid... as he's deathly afraid of fire.
FC $2.25

scheduled for 02/1995

by Berdinka, L. Ross, & Autio
This special two-issue limited series brings back the fan favorite team of Secret Weapons! When Neville Alcott falls into the hands of the superpowered terrorist team known as the Gestalt, it's up to the Secret Weapons to bring him back alive! But it won't be easy—the Gestalt has trained for months to take on the Secret Weapons, and they're playing for keeps!
FC (1 of 2) $2.50

scheduled for 11/1995

probably same story as SECRET WEAPONS #22

by Berdinka, L. Ross, & Autio
Tank faces his worst nightmare when he goes head to head with the fire-wielding Harbinger, Pyroclast. It's up to him to overcome his fear of fire and put down the Gestalt—the lives of his teammates depend on it! Guest-starring Bloodshot. ~
FC(2 of 2) $2.50

scheduled for 11/1995

probably same story as SECRET WEAPONS #23

Featuring MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER. This sixty-four page deluxe-format book represents the first two parts of Magnus's struggle against O-1X first seen in MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER Volume 2#1 & #2.
Prestige Format, 64 pages, Full, painted color, $5.95
(from the Valiant add)

The second sixty-four page deluxe-format book, presenting the final two chapters of the war story that rocked the comics world, from MAGNUS; ROBOT FIGHTER Volume 2 #3 & #4.
Prestige Format, 64 pages, Full. painted color, $5.95
(from the Valiant add)

NOTE: If you read the original comics version of STEEL NATION, you know that the story was too big to be wedged into the usual twenty-two pages per issue that most comics offer. We averaged over 28 pages per issue, and it still wasn't enough. These special volumes showcase the uncut version of STEEL NATION, including never-before-seen pages that were edited out of the original. Also, a magnificent 2 part connecting cover by David Lapham and Bob Layton adorn both volumes of STEEL NATION. No Magnus fan can do without these books.
(from the Valiant add)

This pair of trade paperback editions collects Magnus Robot Fighter Vol 2 # 1-4 (two-issues per volume) and tells the entire Steel Nation storyline along with pages of material left out of the original issues due to space constraints! New connecting cover design by David Lapham and Bob LLayton. Prestige Format.
SC, 7x1O, 64pg, FC - EA: $5.95
(regular Valiant listing text)

scheduled for 01/1992

by Windsor-Smith, Ostrander, Calafiore, Mayo, Fontenot, et al.
Reprinting Timewalker's early appearances in Archer & Armstrong/Eternal Warrior #8, Archer & Armstrong #10 & 11 and Magnus Robot Fighter #33. Pin-up pages will also be included. Cover by Bob Layton.
SC, 7x10, FC $9.95

scheduled for 01/1995

was published (11/'95 or later) as TUROK: THE HUNTED 2-part mini-series.

scheduled for 05/1995

by Mike Grell w/ S. Clarke Hawbaker
Turok meets Shaman's Tears Joshua Brand in a special three-part miniseries entitled "Ghost Dance!" The two heroes join forces to battle the mysterious White Buffalo Warriors. If you have ever been a fan of Mike Grell, you are guaranteed to enjoy his first romp through the Valiant Universe. Grell provides the story, art, and the cover, while S. Clarke (Nomad) Hawbaker inks.
FC (1 of 3) $2.50

scheduled for 04/1995

by Mike Grell w/Jeff Albrecht
The White Buffalo has been kidnapped and the tribes blame each other, allowing the real culprits to evade retribution. Their escape is cut short when Turok and Shaman Joshua Brand get on their trail—a trail that leads to the hatchery of Bar Sinister!
FC (2 of 3) $2.50

scheduled for 05/1995

by Mike Grell w/Jeff Albrecht
This issue: The White Buffalo is safe and sound, and the Tribes have been cieared. Now it's up to two Native American heroes, Shaman Joshua Brand and Turok, to put an end to the white supremacists' violent conspiracy. But when the supremacists are joined by Bar Sinister's old friends, Circle Sea, the fireworks get out of hand!
FC(3 of 3) $2.50

scheduled for 06/1995

by The Whole Valiant Gang
This inexpensive comic is an introduction to every ongoing Valiant title—each detailed by a complete rundown of what has happened since issue #1 through the current storyline. For readers who haven't collected all of the back issues, this is the perfect way to learn the important story details of previous issues. For new fans interested in reading The Chaos Effect, this is a great way to uncover clues about who's who in the Valiant Universe!
FC $0.95

scheduled for 06/94

worth noticing: while in this version Para-Man of the Secret Weapons is blacked out, it's the Visitor in the next solicitation.

by The Whole Valiant Gang
This inexpensive comic is an introduction to every ongoing Valiant title—each detailed by a complete rundown of what has happened since issue #1 through the current storyline. For readers who haven't collected all of the back issues, this is the perfect way to learn the important story details of previous issues. For new fans, this is a great way to get a clue about who's who and what's what in the Valiant Universe!
RES. from Previews Vol. 4 #4 (Apr94)
FC $0.95

re-scheduled for 10/1994

This brand-new kit includes a new pair of Valiant Vision™ glasses which turn seemingly normal full-color comic pages into 3-D images! The "starter kit" also contains an eight-page comic (artwork by Mike Leeke, Dick Giordano, & Carol VanHook) colored in the VVprocess, and a new, never-before-seen poster (also colored in the VVprocess).
FC $2.95

scheduled for 05/1994

Here's a great holiday gift for new Valiant fans: a reprint collection of some of Valiant's most sought after gems! Collected here are the following zero issues: Magnus Robot Fighter #0 by Jim Shooter and Paris Cullens; Harbinger #0 by Bob Layton and David Lapham; X-O Manowar #0 by Jorge González and Joe Quesada; Archer & Armstrong #0 by Jim Shooter, Bob Layton, and Barry Windsor-Smith; and Armorines #0 by Jorge González and Jim Calafiore! It's an incredible collection of key Valiant issues—all under one cover!
SC, 7x10, 112pg, FC $9.95

scheduled for 12/1994

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