Official Character Descriptions
from the Valiant Reader Vol.1 1993


Valiant Reader Vol.1, July 1993
Written by Antony J. L. Bedard
Choose a title (as of 1993): Archer & Armstrong Bloodshot Eternal Warrior Harbinger H.A.R.D. Corps Magnus Robot Fighter Bloodshot Rai and the Future Force Secret Weapons Shadowman Solar, Man of the Atom Turok, Dinosaur Hunter X-O Manowar Other characters and titles (1993-1996): Harada Master Darque Doctor Eclipse Second Life of Doctor Mirage Ninjak Timewalker
Archer & Armstrong Archer is a consumate martial artist and a Harbinger, gifted with uncanny powers of perception. Since a childhood near-death experience, he has committed himself to vanquishing the evils of the world. Armstrong is an immortal, amoral libertine who abandoned such naive idealism thousands of years ago. As different from each other as Yin and Yang, they go together as naturally as beer and pretzels... As a child, Obadiah archer discovers that his evangelist parents are, in reality, deviant killers. In an attempt to cover their tracks, they engineer Archer's fiery death. Archer is left clinically dead, but he miraculously returns to the land of the living--longing for vengeance. Archer's resurrection seems to have endowed him with paranormal abilities. Running away, he travels to Ladakh, where his psionic powers of perception and coordination make him the greatest martial artist to ever live! Returning to America many years later, Archer meets a drifter named Armstrong, who is actually thousands of years old and as strong as a tank. "Armstrong", born Aram, is the brother of Ivar, the Timewalker and Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior. They are pursued across the globe by a cult called the Sect, who believe Armstrong is the Devil and must be destroyed. On a Mediterranean isle, Archer meets Armstrong's beautiful wife, Andromeda, who seemingly wields magical powers. Moving on to England, the pair finds Ivar about to be lynched by a temporally-displaced mob. Only Solar's timely intervention saves the day. Back in L.A., they once again face Sect leader Mahmud, who now wields the enormous power derived from the mysterious items within Armstrong's satchel. Settling down in Los Angeles, Archer & Armstrong find that trouble continues to find them. In the coming months, their attempts to recover art treasures stolen from Armstrong will bring them into conflict with neo-Nazis. And a second brush with death will leave Archer even more fanatically bent on destroying the evils of the world!
Bloodshot Mobster Angelo Mortalli was sold out by the Carboni crime family. Forced to be a test-subject, his memories of his former life were erased when his bloodstream was infused with microscopic computers called nanites. Now a killing-machine, a lethal engine of destruction, he struggles emotionally to accept what he has become... The empirically-enhanced man who would be code-named "Bloodshot" escapes, clueless of his former identity, from the secret labs of Project Rising Spirit. A triumph of bio-engineering, his nanite blood gives him superhuman speed, agility, and healing powers: total body control. Bloodshot can also dominate electrical devices and read computers directly through physical contact. Unable to successfully recreate the "Blood of Heroes", Hideyoshi Iwatsu, founder of Rising Spirit, sends his "Speedshot" warriors to retrieve it. But their inferior nanite-spawned abilities cannot match those of Bloodshot's. Not even the bionically-armored Harbinger, Ax, can prevail against Bloodshot's ferocity! Even so, the Blood of Heroes is too attractive a prize for Ax to stay away for long. Bloodshot seeks out Mafia Don Benito Carboni to learn the truth about his own criminal past. Turning his back on the evil man he once was, Bloodshot gains an ally in Gilad, the Eternal Warrior. As a global agent of Gilad's "solicitor", Neville Alcott, Bloodshot continues to find himself in the thick of the action. Bloodshot's affiliation with Neville will introduce him to new foes and allies--including Ninjak and the multi-national criminal organization known as the WEBNET. And a long-running conflict in Bloodshot's life will be resolved with surprising results!
Eternal Warrior With an ultra-dense cellular structure that gives him great strength and the ability to heal from the most grievous of wounds, Gilad Anni-Padda is even immune to the ravages of time. The greatest fighter from an age when the sword was the law, he was ancient before the rise of the Pharaohs, and shall survive the fall of nations yet to come. He is the Fist and Steel of those who guard the Earth--the Geomancers, and his battle is never-ending... Bravest of a warrior tribe, Gilad Anni-Padda was born before recorded history. He and his brothers, Aram and Ivar, are the only known naturally immortal humans. When their tribe is decimated by the Sumerians, Gilad and his brothers go their separate ways. Establishing a relationship with the Geomancers, Gilad pledges to enforce their will for generations to come. Centuries later in China, Gilad first battles the Immortal Enemy, General Cheng. It is Cheng's hatred of Gilad that makes him reincarnate through the ages, always seeking Gilad's destruction. In World War II, Gilad meets Neville Alcott, who would later serve to aid the Eternal Warrior's causes. Now known as Gilad Abrams, the Warrior fights the Immortal Enemy's latest incarnation: Colombian drug lord Juan Javier Caldone. Gilad has also incurred the enmity of Master Darque--necromancer supreme. But Gilad is no stranger to strife. For if a warrior's worth is measured by his enemies, then Gilad continues to be the greatest warrior of all time. With Bloodshot taking over Gilad's responsibilities to Neville, the Eternal Warrior finds himself focusing all of his energies on stopping the man who may well be his greatest enemy--Master Darque! If you thought the first 5,000 years of Gilad's life were hard, just wait for the battles ahead!
Harbinger A new breed walks among us--harbingers of the next step in human evolution. Are these paranormal "Harbingers" the hope of the future, or heralds of doom? It begins with Toyo Harada, the powerful psionic whose Harbinger Foundation recruits others with similar abilities to carry out his agenda of world domination. One of the Harbingers they recruit is Pete Stanchek, the only other existing "Omega Harbinger", whose full-range psionic power rivals Harada's. Realizing Harada's schemes, Pete flees the Foundation with his girlfriend, Kris. They are joined by Zepplin, Flamingo, and Torque, all of them renegade Harbingers. Together, they use their different psionic abilities to wage war against Harada's forces. But Torque is killed by Harada's elite Harbingers, the "Eggbreakers". Months later, during the Unity conflict, Kris gives birth to Torque's child. That infant, by the will of the Geomancers, is sent to the future to become Magnus, Robot Fighter--champion of the forty-first century. Back from Unity, they recruit Shatiqua, whose superhuman reflexes and tough attitude help when they battle the H.A.R.D. Corps. Later, they team up with Screen, a renegade Harbinger capable of projecting force fields. Having opposed Harada even longer than Pete, Screen brings the experience of a veteran to the group. But Peter Stanchek knows that time is running out, for he must soon face Harada in a deadly showdown that will determine the fate of the world. The turbulent past of these young warriors will seem like the good old days compared to what lies ahead. When Pete and Harada have their final battle, nothing will ever be the same, either for Pete's band of renegades, or for the Harbinger Foundation.
H.A.R.D. Corps Members of a secret paramilitary organization, the psi-borg soldiers of the H.A.R.D. Corps have use of amazing powers, but the cost is their freedom... Fearing the rise of the Harbinger Foundation, Mr. Heydrich's Omen Corporation creates the Harbinger Active Resistance Division, or H.A.R.D. Corps. By means of cybernetic brain implants, candidates are plucked from comas. These same implants can stimulate portions of the brain, reproducing the psionic powers of certain Harbingers. In battle, the H.A.R.D. Corps operatives, called psi-borgs, can call for Harbinger powers, one at a time. Operating the H.A.R.D. Corps' Harbinger Powers database is Softcore. It is she who grants psi-borg requests for powers. The original H.A.R.D. Corps included Maniac, Gunslinger, Hammerhead, and Shakespeare. On a raid against a Harbinger Foundation installation, Maniac is beaten to death by the massive Harbinger, Big Boy. Despite the perious nature of the job, more psi-borgs join the ranks, including Superstar and Flatline... well as the newest rookies, Hotshot, Wipeout, and Perp. In addition to fighting Harbinger forces, they have even battled the Spider Aliens. Any enemy of humanity is an enemy of the H.A.R.D. Corps. But it is not the joy of battle that motivates these men and women. Should they forsake their duty, Omen will return them to their coma state. In the months to come, they shall test the limits of their freedom, and be forced to watch as death takes another of their ranks.
Magnus Robot Fighter In the distant future, when people have become dependent on the robot work force, one man has come to symbolize the strength of the Human Spirit. Magnus, Robot Fighter, who was raised to protect the citizens of North Am from their own mechanical servants, now fights a robot invasion that threatens humanity with extinction... The self-aware "Freewill" robot, 1-A, raises Magnus from infancy to fight rogue Freewills. A second-generation Harbinger, Magnus hones his superhuman toughness through 1-A's perfect method of martial arts training. When he reaches adulthood, Magnus comes to North Am to battle the growing number of rogue Freewills. Becoming a national hero, he falls in love with Leeja Clane, the daughter of North Am's President. But, even as he shatter rogue after rogue, he begins to consider their right to life. Befriended by the Freewill robot, Tekla, Magnus is finally convinced to end his war on robots. Thereafter, the Freewills set up their city-state of Synchron, with Tekla as their leader. Contemptuous of those who dwell in the Milespires, Magnus moves to North Am's impoverished lower levels to live among the "Gophs". There, he meets Goph champion, Slagger. Then, the evil robot race of planet Malev 6 invades North Am. Led by the Malev Emperor, these killer robots have no regard for life. Their ultimate goal is to transform Earth into their new homeworld--Malev 7. To the Malevs, humans are only useful as a source of the "ectotheric energy" produced by their thought waves. Now, all the Earth is at war with the Malev invaders. Taking the lead in this battle, Magnus armors himself with a new, more protective uniform. And even his old robot mentor, 1-A, is reborn, able to transfer his consciousness between the bird-like "ASA" unit and the humanoid "Hard Rob" body. The future is uncertain, not only for Magnus, but for the Human Race itself. As the Malev invasion forces spread their conquest across the globe, Magnus will find himself fighting to save South Am and other bastions of civilization from falling before the onslaught. And, in the midst of global warfare, can Magnus and Leeja's fragile love endure?
Rai and the Future Force Since the thirty-first century, and for a thousand years thereafter, a successive line of extraordinary men have assumed the mantle of "Rai", the national protector of Japan. Now, with Japan shattered and Earth being conquered, one man has become the last Rai--seeking to defend not a nation, but the entire planet from the Malev threat... Tohru Nakadai is the forty-second man to become the Japanese national champion. It is "Grandmother", the sentient computer caretaker of Japan, that transforms Tohru into Rai, imbuing him with vast and powerful energies. During Tohru's tenure as Rai, the Spider Aliens invade Earth for the second time. Controlled by Grandmother, the enormous robot-body that covers the Japanese islands is brought to bear against the alien starships. The alien armada is destroyed, but Japan will never be the same. Grandmother relinquishes control of the nation of Japan, which now orbits Earth like a second moon... ...and, during the battle, Tohru's wife, Kayuzo, acquires an alien battle-armor suit, making her nearly as powerful as Rai! Later, during the Unity conflict, Mothergod causes Japan to fall from orbit, effectively destroying the once-proud country. Tohru attempts to avenge his slain countrymen, but is himself killed by the murderous Mothergod. Later, with Earth under attack by the evil Malev robots, Geomancer Rokland Tate infuses Takao Konishi with the fabled "Blood of Heroes", dubbing Takao as the "Last Rai". Now Takao wields the powers of the nanite-laced blood that once coursed through Bloodshot's veins. With the cry of "Mindlock!", he can mentally control the Malev invaders, one at a time. And Takao has a further talent. He has the Harbinger ability to psionically inspire others. The stronger his own convictions are, the more others will be inspired to follow him. Fighting alongside this new Rai are Magnus, Tekla, the Eternal Warrior, Kayuzo in her X-O Commando armor, and the mysterious Spylocke. Rai's Mindlock power makes him the greatest threat to the Malev Emperor, and therefore he is a primary target of the evil robots. Rai's campaign against the Malev invaders will take him around the globe. From Australia to South Am, Rai's struggle is as worldwide as his hopes. and what of the mysterious Spylocke? Is he truly an ally, or has he some private agenda?
Secret Weapons Geomancer Geoff McHenry has a gift for finding trouble, and enough sense to summon help in his causes. Even with his new comrades-at-arms, Livewire and Stronghold, Geoff must often recruit other heroes to combat the evils that threaten the world... Shortly after becoming the present Geomancer, Geoff McHenry discovers that he needs help in his personal mission to safeguard the Earth. The Unity conflict becomes the first great test for the young Geomancer. Elsewhere, Edward Sedgewick and Amanda McKee are two youths with psionic powers, training as Eggbreakers for the Harbinger Foundation. Eddie is code-named "Stronghold" because of his ability to absorb mass, making him bigger and stronger. Able to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum, Amanda is code-named "Livewire". Her favorite weapon is a long metal cord which she magnetically animates like a deadly steel serpent. When Stronghold accidentally kills a fellow Harbinger with his mass-absorption power, he is overcome with remorse. Tired of being manipulated by the Harbinger Foundation, Stronghold and Livewire leave the Eggbreakers to pursue their own lives. Meeting Geoff, they are immediately recruited in the battle against Master Darque's strongest minion, a being composed of pure necromantic energy--Doctor Eclipse. Now, the three have an ongoing partnership. Their alliance will be tested when they take on the "Speedshot" agents of Project Rising Spirit, and with Ninjak, they'll confront the organization known as the WEBNET.
Shadowman The city of New Orleans has a history of wild nightlife and Voodoo lore. Now, the superstitious folk whisper of a man in a carnival mask who prowls the night, savagely attacking members of the New Orleans underworld. The pushers and pimps are learning to fear the vigilante called "Shadowman" who's causing big trouble in the Big Easy... Jack Boniface is a jazz saxophone player--just another Bourbon Street entertainer with big dreams. One night he is bitten by a vampiric Spider Alien named Lydia. Jack does not know what saves him after her poison knocks him out--only that when he awakens, she is gone. Since that night, with each sunset, Jack is overcome by the urge to seek and destroy evil. Drug dealers, in particular, are targets of his nocturnal patrols. Jack's housekeeper, Nettie, provides his costume. Familiar with Voodoo, Nettie claims that Jack is inhabited by Voodoo Loa that compel him to be Shadowman. During the Unity conflict, Jack meets Elya, a warrior-woman from the forty-first century. After they fall in love, she reveals to him that he is destined to die violently in 1999. Losing Elya when Unity ended, Shadowman goes on to become the nemesis of Master Darque. Their ongoing, strangely intimate conflict may one day decide the fate of humanity. At one point, Darque's power makes Jack into a "Blood-Runner". His life-force bleeding out for Darque to consume. Jack finally shakes off Darque's influence when he recalls that he isn't fated to die until 1999. Then, as Shadowman, he attacks Darque at a critical moment, ruining the master necromancer's spell for absolute power. With Darque temporarily defeated, Jack sets out on a journey of sight-seeing and introspection. But the same questions still plague him... Why does Shadowman sometimes possess inhuman strength in time of great peril? And why does it seem that Jack Boniface and Shadowman are like two separate people within the same body? The coming months shall reveal that Nettie is not who she seems, that Jack's link to Darque is closer than he fears, and that the legacy of Shadowman extends farther than he ever dreamed!
Solar, Man of the Atom What would you desire, if nothing was beyond your grasp? If atoms and energy, the building blocks of reality, were yours to command, what more could you want? Such a man exists. A man of absolute power who wants what he cannot have: love, peace of mind, a simple life. In a world of men who covet power, he is god who wants to live as a man... Originally appearing in comics published by Gold Key in the 1960's, Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom, has thrilled generations of readers, including a young physics enthusiast named Phil Seleski. Years later, the adult Dr. Seleski designs the experimental fusion reactor where he works with fellow physicists, Gayle Nordheim and Erica Pierce. An accident at the reactor unleashes forces that give Phil godlike energy powers--abilities subconsciously shared by Dr. Pierce. But he loses control of these powers, killing everyone on Earth, including his beloved Gayle. The powers that Phil unleashes cast him through time and space into our universe, burdened with the crushing knowledge that he has destroyed his own world. Phil avoids repeating his world-shattering mistakes by merging with the Phil Seleski of this new timeline. Adopting the guise of his childhood comic book hero, Phil defends Earth from the Spider Aliens, who call him the "Destroyer" because he is bent on their total annihilation. With her own energy powers, Erice Pierce also comes to our world and draws its heroes to the Lost Land to fight in the Unity conflict. Solar ends her bid to destroy all of creation by trapping her within a cinture wormhole. Returning from the Lost Land, Phil moves with Gayle to California, where they try to live as a normal couple. But Solar continues to be needed. Learning of the Spider Alien base on the moon's dark side, Solar teams up with X-O to destroy the installation. Later, manipulated by Master Darque, Phil releases another Solar, the Destroyer, now journeys through the galaxy, seeking to annihilate the Spider Alien Homeworld. With such epic battles in his past, Phil's greatest challenge is his second chance at a life with his lover, Gayle. But with his powers cut in half and a trail of enemies behind him, can he ever have a normal life? And what will become of the Solar Warrior?
Turok, Dinosaur Hunter He is a man out of his time--born before the White Man conquered America. With a deadly combination of modern weaponry and ancient wisdom, he fights a vendetta against creatures birthed by an unholy union of nature and technology--the bionisaurs. He fights this private war, knowing the society he protects has turned its back on his own people... First seen in Dell Comics in 1954, Turok built a strong fan following that endures to this day. In the American West of the 1860's, Kiowa Indian hunters Turok and Andar explore a cave in the desert. The cave leads to another dimension. They emerge in the Lost Land, where they are menaced by dinosaurs and primitive tribesman. Later, Turok leads the primitives against an incursion into the Lost Land by Dr. Lazlo Noel of North Am. Joining forces with North Am's protector, Magnus, Turok has his first encounter with futuristic technology. Then, Erica Pierce, known as "Mothergod", arrives! Immediately changing the Lost Land to suit her plans, she erects futuristic facilities and fits dinosaurs with intelligence-boosting implants. One of these "bionisaurs", called Mon-Ark, becomes Turok's greatest enemy. When Solar defeats Mothergod's genocidal "Unity" plan, the Lost Land is reduced to a state of unreality. Separated from Andar, Turok is cast through time and space to the jungles of Colombia in 1987. But he has not made the journey alone; scores of bionisaurs have also appeared on Earth--including Mon-Ark! Turok's epic battle against his enemies eventually results in Mon-Ark's death, but it has cost him dearly in lost friends and loved ones. With occasional help from his closest friend, Aric, Turok's hunt continues. Even as he searches for the few remaining bionisaurs, he knows that he must also find a place for himself in this strange new world. Turok's quest will soon reveal what became of his lost friend, Andar, as well as pit him against high-tech hunters out to bag the dinosaurs for their own questionable purposes. And he will also discover that he was not the only human to be transported here from the Lost Land!
X-O Manowar Aric, the Visigoth, is abducted by Spider Aliens in A.D.408 to serve as both slave and food-source on an alien starship. A fierce warrior, he turns upon his captors and steals their ultimate weapon: a sentient suit of living armor powerful enough to lay waste to a planet! Returning to find Earth changed by hundreds of years of progress, he must now make a place for himself in this new society where his honor and courage make him the only man worthy of the power he wields... The starship on which he is a captive is attacked by Solar. Amidst the chaos, Aric steals the aliens' greatest weapon: the Manowar Class X-O Armor that he simply calls the "Good Skin". On Earth, 1600 years have passed while the alien ship traveled space at relativistic speeds. Upon returning, Aric is befriended by Ken Clarkson, who seeks the Armor for his Spider Alien masters. But Ken turns against the Spiders. His left arm is severed by alien laser-fire as he and Aric defeat the aliens and take the corporate empire of Orb Industries away from them. But Ken cannot be trusted, so Aric forces an extension of the X-O Armor upon him as an artificial arm to slay Ken should he ever again betray Aric. During the Unity conflict, Aric is nearly bitten in half by a bionisaur. Only the X-O Armor's healing abilities keep him from dying. From Unity, Aric is returned by Solar to A.D.408. But his superhuman power so terrifies his fellow Visigoths that they unite with their enemies, the Romans, in an unsuccessful attempt on Aric's life. Unwelcome in his own time, Aric hibernates in the Armor until the present. During this time, the X-O Armor evolves a different configuration and sprouts a Seed able to spawn another Manowar Armor. The Armor is called to the Spider moonbase by the aliens, who desire the X-O Seed. But Aric proves that even without the Armor, he can still beat the Spider Champion. With a mutual desire to eradicate the Spider Aliens, Aric and Solar destroy the moonbase and the sixty thousand aliens within. Then, the U.S. government tries to take the Armor and study it. Rather than risk it falling into unscrupulous hands, they decide that such a powerful weapon is best left in Aric's hands. But Aric has had enough of the modern world and he takes off on a personal sabbatical, leaving the Armor with his trusted security chief, Randy Cartier. Aric's attempt to leave his troubles behind will only lead to further conflicts in the Amazon rainforest. Meanwhile, Randy's life will be changed by the Armor even as the Armor is changed by Randy! After that, we will see the deadly result of the Government's study of the Armor. And a figure from Orb Industries' past will return to test Aric's mettle.
Harada The most powerful psionic on Earth, Toyo Harada is living proof that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. One of two known Harbingers to possess the "Omega Power", Harada commands the full spectrum of psionic abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, mind-control, and many other deadly talents. Fearing that humanity may eventually destroy itself, Harada decided early in his life to preserve the planet by clandestinely conquering it. To this end, he established the Harbinger Foundation to recruit others with paranormal abilities, whom Harada refers to as "Harbingers" of the next step in human evolution. He seldom confronts his enemies directly, preferring to leave such dirty-work to his elite Harbinger warriors, the "Eggbreakers". With tremendous economic and political clout, Harada seems close to achieving his goals, and is ready to destroy anyone who stands in his way. The great irony is that Harada truly feels he was born to save the human race. But, in his haste to eliminate any opposition to his grand scheme, Toyo Harada has lost his own humanity.
Master Darque Little is known about the man called Master Darque, and every revelation about this sorcerous necromancer only raises further questions. Born in the early 1800's, Darque and his sister, Sandria, always showed a penchant for magic and the Black Arts. Mystically prolonging their lives, the pair have survived to the present day, spared the ravages of time. In recent years, Darque's necromantic powers have blossomed to horrific new extents, as though some new source of death-energy had arrived in the world. Now, after years of seemingly pointless existence, Darque finds himself with enough power to challenge the host of new superhumans in the world.
Doctor Eclipse Special investigator Fred Bender once coveted the limitless power wielded by Solar, Man of the Atom. However, such godhood was denied him and he was stranded by Solar in the middle of the desert. But Master Darque has other plans for Fred Bender, converting him into Solar's counterpart--a being of vast necromantic energy to serve as Darque's most powerful instrument of destruction. But where Solar's power had thrilled Bender with the wonder of Creation, Darque's gift of power numbs him with the emptiness of Death. Reborn as Doctor Eclipse, Bender is now cursed with the power he thirsted for, his black vestments reflecting the dark madness in his soul.
The Second Life of Doctor Mirage Parapsychologists Doctor Hwen Mirage and his wife, Carmen Ruiz, investigate unexplained phenomena, trying to solve all manner of supernatural mysteries. When Mirage himself is murdered by Master Darque, Carmen brings her husband's spirit back from the dead through the power of their love for each other. Now, the spectral Doctor Mirage finds himself intangible, unable to even touch the woman he conquered death to rejoin! Together, they must face new dangers as they strive to control Mirage's strange powers. And in exploring Mirage's supernatural potential, they shall unlock secrets of the Valiant Universe itself. Find out in THE SECOND LIFE OF DOCTOR MIRAGE!
Ninjak Colin King, code-named Ninjak, is the enforcer for the mysterious Weaponeer and the top espionage expert in the world. From martial arts to demolition and information acquisition, Ninjak's multitude of skills and keen intellect always keep him a step ahead of his opponents. And his amazing ability to prepare for any outcome in a given situation means that, no matter how outmatched he may seem, Ninjak always has an ace in the hole! Ninjak also protects himself with a unique, kevlar armored body-suit that can change colors like a chameleon. But whether his approach is stealthy or direct, Ninjak is never caught unprepared!
Timewalker Ivar, the Timewalker, has experienced the passage of thousands of years, just like his immortal brothers, Gilad and Aram. Unlike them, or anyone else, Ivar has spent his years skipping around from one point in history to the next. Able to find natural "time-arcs" that carry him from era to era, Ivar might be in the present on week, and in the 41st-Century North Am the next. This gets to be tricky for Ivar, who must take care to do nothing that could change history--even though this pledge of non-interference often leads to some difficult choices. But his time jumps aren't motivated by curiosity or adventure; Ivar only hopes that the next arc will place him back in the arms of his one, great love--lost in another time.