What is VcVSS?

Before discussing VcVSS, one must first understand VVSS.


The original Valiant Validated Signature Series (VVSS) officially started in 1993,
with the Valiant solicitation of signed copies of top selling books including
Magnus #25, Rai and the Future Force #9, and Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1.

These three books were solicited through distributors directly from Valiant,
and included a certificate, a Valiant-logo holder, and each book was embossed
on the cover or first page. The certificates state that each edition was limited
to 5,500 copies, although the print run for each book was almost one million (or more).
The original retail price of a VVSS edition was $24.95.

Prior to the official introduction of the Valiant Validated Signature Series,
Valiant was responsible for the signatures of Don Perlin and Kevin VanHook
on thousands of copies of Bloodshot #6 (usually signed in red ink).
Bloodshot #6 has been determined to be VVSS-related, but it does not
have an accompanying certificate from Valiant, nor is it embossed.

In June 1993, VALIANT asked dealers to take part in a VALIANT/Diamond survey and offered
two signed copies of X-O Database #1 to participants. Though the survey letter
did not mention the VVSS program, a certificate included with the signed books
indicated that the book (signed by Cliff Van Meter) is an edition of the
Valiant Validated Signature Series. Because only one certificate was included
with two signed books, and also because the certificate is simply printed on
white copier paper, collectors view the X-O Database #1 signed by Cliff Van Meter
as VVSS-related, but still lacking the embossing and more formal certificate of VVSS.

It is known that the 5,500 VVSS copies of Magnus #25, Rai #9, and Turok #1
were not immediately sold out by the distributor, and subsequent VVSS books
reflect a decreasing demand as the signed editions were limited to fewer copies.
The original VVSS program ended in early 1995, with Timewalker #1 (December 1994)
as the final edition.

Though signed editions of comic books are actually quite common, the VVSS program
included official Valiant-issued certificates and book-embossing, which separate the
VVSS books from other Valiant signed books on the current secondary market.
Other signed books from the Valiant timeframe were issued by comic book stores,
convention organizers, collectibles companies, or promoters who were not
directly connected to or officially acting on behalf of Valiant Comics.


In May 2004, former Valiant EIC Bob Layton offered a case of 40 copies of Magnus #0
for sale to members of the messageboard. The buyer was
Dinesh 'Dino' Shamdasani. Bob Layton and Janet (JayJay) Jackson were asked to
sign the books, and a certificate following the style of the VVSS books was created.
The certificate was signed by the original buyer, Dinesh Shamdasani, and also by
Greg Holland, owner/author of The certificate was also embossed.

The signed Magnus #0 books were offered for sale on the messageboard
at cost, including the original purchase price of the books and the shipping for signatures.
The end result was a not-for-profit fan project that distributed Mr. Layton's personal copies
of Magnus #0 to collectors who still cared about Valiant.

Because the certificate was modeled heavily from the style of the VVSS certificates,
the title is Validated Signature Series, and has been referenced as VcVSS.

After organizing the Magnus #0 project, Dinesh started a webpage documenting
subsequent VcVSS projects. A brief listing is below:

  • Magnus Robot Fighter #0 VcVSS
    signed by Bob Layton and Janet (JayJay) Jackson in May-July 2004
    limited to 40 numbered copies, organized by Dinesh Shamdasani
    sold to messageboard members in May 2004, shipped July 2004.
  • Solar, Man of the Atom #1 VcVSS
    signed by Jim Shooter, Barry Windsor-Smith, and Don Perlin in August 2004-February 2005
    limited to 50 numbered copies, organized by Justin D. Ehart
    sold to messageboard members in August 2004, shipped February 2005.
  • Eternal Warrior #5 VcVSS 5th Anniversary (commemorating 1999-2004)
    signed by Kevin VanHook in June 2004
    limited to 55 unnumbered copies, organized by Greg Holland
    sold to messageboard members in January 2005, shipped in January 2005.
  • Shadowman #8 VcVSS
    signed by Bob Hall and Yvel Guichet in March-April 2005
    limited to 50 numbered copies, organized by Craig Partin
    sold to messageboard members in April 2005, shipped in May 2005.
  • Bloodshot #7 VcVSS
    signed by Kevin VanHook and Don Perlin in April 2005
    limited to 50 numbered copies, organized by Joe Piechota, Jr.
    sold to messageboard members in July 2005, shipped in July 2005.
    proceeds above costs were donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Ninjak #1 VcVSS
    signed by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti in July 2005
    limited to 50 numbered copies, organized by Chris Scott
    sold to messageboard members in July 2005, shipped in August 2005
    all money was donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    project included 50 additional copies of Ninjak #1 with handprint of Alyssa Noel Scott, age 18 months

Some editions of the VcVSS books are numbered, personalized, may include a quick sketch
from the artists (sometimes called 'remarks' or 're-marks'), or possibly all three enhancements.
All books included a signed and embossed certificate from the project organizer and
Greg Holland ( Additional items were included in some projects, such as
silk-screened backer boards, copies of Valiant-related documents, and even original art sketch cards.

In September 2004, the messageboard moved to its own server on the domain. remains a reference information website.
Following the Ninjak #1 VcVSS book in July 2005, the VcVSS book program
was suspended in favor of a Validated Signature Series (VfVSS).
The purpose for suspending VcVSS was to separate the fan projects
from any official Valiant products which could be produced following
the sale of the Valiant and Acclaim copyrights earlier in 2005.

The VfVSS series has continued since 2005, primarily serving to raise money
for charities, such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Each project in the VcVSS and VfVSS series is accompanied by an embossed certificate
signed by the project organizer and by Greg Holland of

Other fan projects (non-VfVSS) have been completed by Valiant fans, both on the messageboard
and other Valiant-related fan websites which are not affiliated with the VcVSS/VfVSS series of projects.