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This text version of the timeline from Valiant Voice #2 - #10 newspapers
has been compiled by ant'ny.


3500 BC: Earth chooses its first Geomancer: Khanit, a nomadic tribesman

3270 BC: Birth of Ivar, the Timewalker

3268 BC: Birth of Gilad Anni-Padda in Anatolia, the Asiatic part of Modern Turkey

3266 BC: Birth of Aram, the Other

3257 BC: Gilad's first battle

3250 BC: Birth of Kalam, son of Gilad Anni-Padda

3219 BC: Having battled Mesopotamian soldiers, Gilad and Aram are the sole survivors of their tribe

2627 BC: Beginning of the 23-year reign of Cheops, during which he constructs the Great Pyramid

2614 BC: Aram and Gilad are briefly reunited in Egypt

210 BC: Death of General Chang, first incarnation of the Immortal Enemy


385 AD: Aric, the Visigoth, is born

408 AD: Aric is kidnapped by the Spider Aliens

408 AD: Aric returns from Unity to his original time. There he is betrayed and his lover, Deidre, is killed

409 AD: Aric places himself in suspended animation and orders the suit not to awaken him until 1992

1192 AD: Tashi Khatuna, Geomancer, creates the Book of the Geomancer

1802 AD: Master Darque is born


1805 AD: Sandria Darque is born

1854 AD: Turok and his tribesman, Andar, discover a doorway to the Lost Land in the Dakota territories

1947 AD: Toyo Harada is born in Hiroshima, Japan

1968 AD: Sergeant Gilad Abrams meets PFC Joe Nicoleti during the siege of Khe Sahn, the last time they meet for many years

1977 AD: Toyo Harada uses his power to amass a vast fortune to fund

the Harbinger Foundation

July, 1984: Obadiah Archer is accepted to a temple in Ladakh, where he becomes the finest fighter and archer in the world

February, 1985: Buck McHenry recruits a successor as Geomancer—his nephew, Geoff McHenry

1987 AD: Turok appears in Columbia from the Lost Land

1989 AD: Joe Nicoleti becomes the trainer for Harada's "Eggbreakers"—young Harbingers who are his elite strike team

1991 AD: A cartel named Omen Enterprises is formed by a secret group of corporations to fund the H.A.R.D.Corps


Jan., 1991: Phil Seleski slips into our dimension after destroying his universe, meets the Phil Seleski from our world, and accidentally creates his hero, Dr. Solar

March, 1991: Aric the Visigoth, trapped by the Spider Aliens, escapes with one of the X-O Manowar armor suits possessed by the aliens

June, 1991: Peter Stanchek and Kris Hathaway assemble a group of renegade Harbingers

Nov., 1991: Solar defeats an alien warrior clad in Manowar class X-O Armor. Leaving the armor on one of Saturn's moons, he goes on to destroy the alien fleet

Mar., 1992: Jack Boniface, now Shadowman, captures a serial killer that has been stalking New Orleans

Mar., 1992: Due to Ken's repeated betrayals, Aric gives Ken Clarkson a new arm made from the X-O Manowar armor. Now Aric can control him.

Mar., 1992: Torque is killed by an Eggbreaker named Rock. The Harbinger kids are shattered

April, 1992: Gilad is recruited by Geoff the Geomancer to fight alongside earth's heroes in Unity

April, 1992: Solar battles Fred Bender—his greatest enemy

April, 1992: Archer and Armstrong are taken prisoner by the Sect and escape after a running battle through the Vatican


May, 1992: After a 10-day recovery period, Aric is forced to defend himself and Ken against an attack of Spider Aliens. He also discovers that the armor has changed, somehow evolving while he slept.

Aug., 1992: Solar is convinced by Harada to go after the remaining Spider Aliens on the moon after recently relocating to California with Gayle Nordheim

Aug., 1992: X-O and Solar battle the aliens, destroying them and the armor's seed, ensuring that another X-O Manowar cannot be created for 2000 years

Nov., 1992: Geoff the Geomancer sneaks past the security at Project: Rising Spirit,

interfering with their latest experiment. In the process, the hero known as Bloodshot is released into the world

Dec., 1992: Returning to base with a stolen Harbinger data disk, the H.A.R.D.Corps agents are trailed and their headquarters destroyed by Eggbreakers and Harbinger Foundation troops

1993 AD: X-O Manowar and Turok go dinosaur hunting in the tunnels beneath Central Park

Bloodshot crosses paths with the H.A.R.D.Corps when he goes after a member of the cartel that sponsors OMEN Enterprises

The H.A.R.D.Corps discover a nest of Spider Aliens in the Pacific Northwest

Fred Bender is transformed by Master Darque into a being of pure necromantic energy and renamed "Dr. Eclipse"


1993 AD: Juan Caldone, the Immortal Enemy, reappears. Having the ability to leap from one body to the next, he takes possession of Gilad

Geoff McHenry forms the Secret Weapons team to tackle Dr. Eclipse

1999 AD: Earth's heroes gather to mourn the death of Jack Boniface, a.k.a. Shadowman. Shadowman was killed in a confrontation that led to the destruction of Master Darque

May 2003: The beginning of the first Corporate War, started by Toyo Harada

March 2020: Obadiah Archer marries Harbinger Charlene DuPre. Together they found a movement, the "Archies," dedicated to world peace

Feb., 2025: In the course of saving Armstrong's life, Archer dies. Armstrong disappears

June, 2028: Bloodshot is defeated while defending one of the Lunar Colonies from the renegade Harbinger known as Ax

Aug., 2055: Lucinda Mendez, Geoff McHenry's niece, is chosen to be Geoff's successor in the line of Geomancers. Her training begins

Dec., 2056: Kris Hathaway, former member of the Harbinger underground, writes a message to Magnus, the son she never knew, and entrusts it to the Geomancer for deliver in 4002.

June, 2062: After years of extending her life, Solar allows Gayle the death she wishes. One Solar leaves to explore new planes of reality, the other slips quietly into seclusion and is not seen again for more than a millennium.


Summer, 2430: As the Harbinger Wars enter their 3rd century, the H.A.R.D.Corps and the various corporate armies have taken defensive positions. The remnants of mankind are huddled into corporate city-states all over the world

Fall, 2900: Japan, one of mankind's last strongholds, has isolated itself from the rest of the world completely. It is now covered by a single, contiguous structure, an electronic network that controls virtually every facet of daily life

Dec., 2987: John Stanchek, direct descendent of the founder of the Resistance, becomes the leader of the renegade Harbingers. Like Harada and Sting, he possesses the Omega Power

Nov., 2989: H.A.R.D.Corps forces begin a mass exodus from earth in their remaining ships. Without H.A.R.D.Corps to maintain order, the remaining city-states fall into chaos

Feb, 2990: John Stanchek manages to destroy Toyo Harada by transferring his mind into Harada's body. He takes control of the Harbinger Foundation's forces

August, 3050: Due to an unprecedented power surge, the island-wide network that encompasses Japan becomes Freewill and begins thinking and acting independently. The Japanese christen their mechanical keeper, "Grandmother"

May, 3216: Sho Shugino, the second Rai, takes the Blood of heroes from a group of Anti-Grannies. Bloodshot's blood is given to Grandmother for safekeeping

Apr., 3975: The baby Magnus is caught by Solar and delivered into the care of robot 1-A

Apr., 3988: Ana Kawainui recruits Rokland Tate as her successor in the line of Geomancers. She tells him of the coming of Unity and begins to train him in the mysteries of Geomancy

Erica Pierce discovers the Lost Land. She decides to use it as a base from which to launch Unity, her plan to unite all timelines and to make the time outside the Lost Land "unreal"


March, 3992: During a holiday on Mars with 1-A, the 16-year-old Magnus gets his first taste of battling Freewills when he saves the governor's daughter from a kidnap attempt

August, 4000: During his first appearance in North Am, Magnus destroys H-8, the Chief of Police, and frees 1000 people whose minds have been enslaved to power the central computer

March, 4001: Tohru Nakadai reluctantly agrees to become the 42nd Rai. He places his son, Takashi, in the care of the computer known as "Grandmother"

Solar, in seclusion for hundreds of years, reappears just in time to mankind stave off another attack by the Spider Aliens

To save the earth from the Spider-Aliens, 1-A and

Grandmother fuse and become the Grand One

May, 4001: The Freewill robots who have survived the war construct their own city, Synchron., near Yosemite. Tekla becomes their leader

In response to Tekla becoming leader of the surviving Freewills, the council reverses Xyrkol's peycho-probe. Once again this old enemy and Magnus fight for the survival of

North Am.

June 4001: With the help of Wilow Talltrees, Magnus discovers the doorway from his time into the Lost Land. There he meets Turok and together they battle the evil Dr. Noel

Aug., 4001: After years of searching, Rokkie Tate, now a full-fledged Geomancer, manages to locate Gilad, the Eternal Warrior. Together they set out to stop Unity


Aug., 4001: Rokland Tate recruits Rai, Gilad 4001, and Magnus to help stop Erica Pierce and Unity

Erica Pierce moves her San Gabriel facility to the Lost Land

Oct., 4001: Kazuyo Nakadai escapes from her prison as Japan plummets to earth. With the assistance of her direst enemy, Makiko, she manages to reclaim the X-O Commando armor

April, 4002: Led by Rokland Tate, Takao Konishi travels deep into the hulk of the crash site of Japan to find the Blood of Heroes. There he replaces his own blood with that of the twentieth century hero, Bloodshot, and Takao becomes the "last" Rai

Earth is invaded by Malevs, a race of intelligent Freewill robots who survive on ectotheric energic

Magnus is imprisoned on Phobos and escapes with Izak's help. Badly hurt, Magnus and Izak make it to a ship and take off for earth

The Malev invasion begins in earnest on earth. The Goph-Lev is destroyed. Felina and the orphans all die

To aid in the defense of earth, Rokland Tate helps form the Future Force consisting of the new Rai, Tekla, Gilad, X-O Comando, Spylocke, and Magnus

The Malev Emperor takes control of North Am's mainbrain. He now controls all of North Am's robots and he removes the restriction against robots doing harm to humans

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