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Image of the week: Panels from Unity #0 Page 9

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Archer & Armstrong Armorines Bloodshot Bloodshot, VH2
Chaos Effect Deathmate Destroyer Eternal Warrior
Geomancer Harbinger Hardcorps Magnus, Robot Fighter
Ninjak Ninjak, VH2 Psi-Lords Rai
Second Life Dr. Mirage Secret Weapons Shadowman Solar, Gold Key
Solar, Man Of The Atom Solar VH2 books Timewalker Turok
Turok, Gold Key Unity Visitor X-O Manowar
Past Images of the week:

VH2 Shadowman #16, pg 16, Panel 1

A&O Part 10, page 1 panel 8

Harbinger #19 Cover

Solar: Hell On Earth #3, page 15

Solar: Hell On Earth #3, page 19

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REAL hits Starting 5/5/99

LEFT: The alternate, glow in the dark cover to VH2 Shadowman #16. Scanned from the original art which was drawn on tracing paper over the original cover in greyscale, reversed to negative image, then digitally colored to produce the effect you see here.  Click here to see the published cover.

HOW THEY DID IT: Judging from the tracing paper over the ink art, they made the regular cover as they normally would then made die cut sheets of this outline in the glow in the dark material seperately, then mechanically glued this part over the cover.

Shadowman #16 was solicited as a semi-relaunch issue as they dramatically departed from the 15 issues leading up to this one with a new writer, penciller and inker and even a new storyline that included a new origin for the line of Shadowmen , the removal of the much disliked "mask in the chest" (as you can see the scar the mask left in his chest in the image) and replaced it with a mystical mask that appears when he calls upon it. They even tipped their hat to VH1 Valiant by RESPECTFULLY bringing back Jack Boniface's spirit, which pre issue 16 VH2 Shadowman failed to do.

The five issues they produced starting with issue 16 are among the brightest stars from the VH2 Universe.

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Valiant Links

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***SONICDAN'S VALIANT WEBSITE: Highly recommended source for offbeat VALIANT information including extensive info on ALL VALIANT card sets made and other oddball VALIANT stuff not seen on any other VALIANT website. Also has a pretty extensive inventory of VALIANT original art for sale.

ACCLAIM COMICS OFFICIAL WEBSITE: That's just about it: their site. UPDATE- I hear they killed all their comic links so you're probably better off saving your time here.

The VALIANT FANFIC GROUP (Archives): They folded up shop in 1999. The site contains 18 months of continuing post-VH1 fanfic VALIANT continuity. Here's another of their sites.

SEABORN ADAMSON VALIANT PAGE (Archive): One of the last pages the late Seaborn Adamson, Valiant archivist made in 1996. Page is maintained by Magnus Ramstrom.

Sean Chen's Art: A site devoted to one of Valiant's best known artists.

Bob Nuff said

Bob Almond's Website- VH2 Bloodshot inker finally puts up his own site!

Bob Hall's Website- Mr. Shadowman himself in his own site.

Barry Oh yeah baby!

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