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Welcome to Valiant Firsts, a site dedicated to the complete listing of all the non super hero comic books published by Valiant / Voyager Communications.

In the early 90's, Valiant (Voyager Communications) was established as a means for creating super hero comic books. Starting out, to make themselves known in the comic industry, they decided to publish titles they believed would have popular appeal. Among their first titles were reprints of classic Gold Key comics, WWF Wrestling comics, and the Nintendo Comics System. They latter two were never meant to last, and only continued as long as they did (about two years) due to their success. After these initial ventures, they were able to proceed with making an entire universe filled with their own characters. But due to funding issues and creative differences, some members of the creative team left the company, and after only a few years as an independent publisher they were purchased by Acclaim. Acclaim restarted some of the titles while dropping others, and they were released to a medium success. In time, Acclaim went through troubles of their own and dropped the comics entirely.

The comics are grouped by both subject and by title. Click on the subject at the left sidebar labeled COMICS to see the titles and issues published of that subject, then click on an issue to see the stories contained within it, then click on a story to see what issues that story has appeared in and the credits for that story. If you click on a title under STORY LISTS at the left sidebar you will be taken to a page containing a list of every story related to that subject.

The first several Nintendo titles released from Valiant were golden-age sized, and had cardboard stock covers which gave them a higher quality appearance. Later titles featured standard paper covers. So, to differentiate between similarly titled comics, I will refer to the later ones as Volume 2 (be aware they are not labeled this way in the comics themselves).

The dates listed for the earlier issues came from ads located throughout Valiant comics. They may or may not be the actual month solicited.

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