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Update as of 21 JUNE 2006

  • For this update the following items have been added: scans of the no price variants Zelda #1 and Captain N #1, a cover scan of the english version of KFC Kenny Kid and Hop Hop, and two Nintendo Power articles about Voyager Communications involvement in their Howard and Nester comic strip.

    Update as of 20 NOVEMBER 2005

  • A small mention of the Swedish printings has been added to the Everything Else page, later to be expanded. Also one new image has been added to the Unpublished page.

    Heres an update on the current projects Bill Vallely is working on:
    Comic Book Creator - which allows you to create your own comics books, download a sample at,
    a television pilot for Nickelodeon called Hornswiggle,
    and a DVD sequel to Algebra's Cool for Bestquest, which teaches math to kids.

    Update as of 05 MARCH 2005

  • Original art page has been restored, and there has been an addition to the Everything Else page. Next update to include extensive information on foreign publishings thanks to Magnus Ramström.

    Update as of 29 DECEMBER 2004

  • Several pages cleaned-up, and some new pictures in the unpublished section added. Thanks to Dan Moler, who submitted some new original art images which will be included in the next update.

    Update as of 28 NOVEMEBER 2004

  • Updated the Unpublished section with scans for some of the stories. More to follow.

    Update as of 01 NOVEMEBER 2004

  • Added information on the Battletoads comic in the Comics/Other section. Also added a new section pertaining to the unpublished issues, which can be found under the Checklist and Misc/Unpublished section. And finally, a scan of the Nintendo Power article detailing the then upcoming Nintendo Comics System from Valiant has been added to the Checklist and Misc/Variations section.

    Update as of 03 JULY 2004

  • New color art added to that section thanks to Magnus Ramström. Also an advertisement poster has been added to the Misc/Variations section thanks to Dan Moler. Coming soon: information on the Nintendo Power comics, and more information on foreign printings.

    Update as of 25 APRIL 2004

  • New original art added to that section, and the Other Comics section has now been opened with two entries - the KFC and Spaghettios comics.

    Update as of 03 APRIL 2004

  • The checklist has been redone. It now reflects all non super-hero Valiant comics that I know of. Im sure there are still items out there that I dont know of, so let me know if you come across any or have any to sell.

    Update as of 02 APRIL 2004

  • I have quite a few updates coming soon, including opening the 'Others' page. For now, I have added 14 full page scans of original art to the art section.

    Update as of 15 FEBRUARY 2004

  • As you can see the page has been renamed, reorganized, and minorly updated. Be sure to check out the Super Mario Bros. Adventures page, where I have posted track 1 from the audio produced for it. If there is enough interest, I will post the rest of the album for download. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to let me know. The pages have also been relocated to

    Update as of 25 JANUARY 2004

  • So, the page is back online, now located at Expect the page to be cleaned up soon, as links still point to the old page. Also the title of these pages will change from Valiant Nintendo to something else, so dont think your at the wrong site. As always, if you know of any publications not covered here, please let me know.

    Update as of 15 JUNE 2003

  • I have added a couple of missing cover scans for the WWF comics, scans of more original art, as well as a new creator interview with Janet (JayJay) Jackson. Trying to make this update stand out for awhile, I also changed the background. Now, except for reviews, this page is almost complete. If you have suggestions or find something that should be included, please let me know.

    Update as of 01 JANUARY 2003

  • Minor revisions on several pages including a new interview added.

    Update as of 15 DECEMBER 2002

  • As you can see this is a pretty major update. Besides the new formatting of the page, I've added in some new scans, new summaries, a section under Misc called Variations, and even pages for some of the WWF comics. Expect the next update to have a couple of remaining images, where blanks are in place now, and more fine tuning. Any reviews or suggestions are welcome.

    Update as of 05 MAY 2002

  • Some minor corrections to the pages uploaded last time, also one new Mario scan added. And by the way, this page has reached over 1000 visitors in only four months, pretty good considering most people don't even remember these comics were published!

    Update as of 23 APRIL 2002

  • Lots new today. Many pages have been updated with new scans and information. The checklist has been updated, and some new items have been found.

    Update as of 01 MARCH 2002

  • Today I am posting the answers to my 10 question questionaire which were kindly submitted from 5 of the original creators of these very comic books. They really shed some light on the process these comics went through to see release. Look forward to new scans in the next update, and hopefully more creator interviews!

    Update as of 02 FEBRUARY 2002

  • Not much new, but I have aquired several missing issues and some foreign ones. Scans will be up soon. Im still waiting for viewer comments since it seems people are visiting this page based on what the counter shows. Whats been updated? I've added scans of issues advertised but possibly never released, plus scans of each of the different types of subscription ads that I found.

    Update as of 27 DECEMEBER 2001

  • Welcome to the Valiant Nintendo, a place created to list and review the entire line of Nintendo products Valiant comics made. I made this because there really was no definitive page where information could be found on them. So with some information from you visitors I may be able to finally create a checklist on this stuff, since no current magazine or guidebook has a good list. If anyone has anything not here related to it please let me know. That also includes any original art you have for sale or know where to be found. Be sure to regularly check the for sale page for anything you might be interested in. And if you have anything related for sale, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy!

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